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Southeast Asian fans of sff.
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SFF fans of Southeast Asia.
Southeast Asian sff fans!

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and anyone from the Southeast Asian region!

I know you guys are here. Do you think we should start forming a community on LJ already? We can talk sff, horror, anime, manga, wuxia, art, slash, yaoi and writing? And all the pretty shinies like media and literary sff?

And if possible, we can also meet up one day and - say - have our own gatherings (makan/nom nom nom... and even a convention!).

If you are from Southeast Asia and are a fan of sff and anything speculative, pass the word around.

I am more or less lenient when it comes to moderating the community, because I expect people to behave like adults. However there are basic things people should adhere to...


1. Be respectful of each other's views and opinions. Remember: some of us might have different and differing experiences, even when it comes to SFF.
2. Vents and rants are allowed, but no flaming or hurtful words

Trolling will not be tolerated.
Spamming is in the same category of "You are banned immediately".

NOTE: At the moment, the community is a members-only community, which means that only members can post. The primary aim is to start with a close and trusted core-group first. The community might become open, once everything has more or less settled down.